Over the course of our five-year run, we raised $75,000 for the Hamilton Conservation Foundation, far surpassing Braden’s original goal and our wildest hopes of what the festival could become. We are so proud of what we achieved together, and happy that we had the opportunity to make amazing memories with you, our supporters and community.

Although we will not be continuing the festival into 2017, we encourage you to continue supporting the Hamilton Conservation Foundation through donations, and to make the most of your Family Day in the beautiful outdoors. The Dundas Valley Conservation Area will still be open for hiking and adventures; hopefully hot chocolate in a thermos from home will satisfy the craving!

Braden hopes that his story inspires young people in our community to turn their ideas into reality, to find a cause they care about and try to change the world. Thank you to all those who have supported us, and have a happy 2017!